DX-system (direct evaporator systems)

Freon air conditioning system is designed to maintain certain climatic conditions in several areas (zones), so these systems are called multi-zone air conditioning. The number of rooms, which made multizone air conditioning, can reach several tens, and each of them can be autonomous (independent) adjustable temperature settings in each room. A modern Wire Line Triple Tube system, allow you to work one of the indoor units simultaneously in different modes, ie, part of the indoor units can be operated to heat, and the cooling part.

Outdoors unit of VRF-systems are core elements of structure, and include compressors, fan, evaporators, valve system, advanced electronic control system, based on latest technology and research of producers. At usually, outdoors units devide by compressor type (DC-inverter or Digital Scroll), Horizontal or vertical air-exhaust arrow, air- or water- cooled, for 2-pipe or 3-pipe refrigeration system, etc.

Range of indoor units multizone systems in its diversity are not inferior to domestic and semi-industrial series and allow us to solve all complex processing tasks of air in rooms and buildings of any type conveniently fitting into their interior.

To manage VRF systems, we offer a wide range of wired controllers that diversion can be divided into three main groups: the control for indoor units - you can also divide them into individual (for one unit) and group (for multiple units), for monitoring operating parameters outdoor units, for especially  focused tasks - specialized controllers. If necessary, on the basis of controllers can build a more developed and complex control system with data output on a server BMS, Internet, dedicated management server.

Wide range of Idea conditioners combines innovative technology with elegant design.

The software is divided into control software  and software for the calculation and design systems. Separately presented diagnostic software for specialists in service and repair.