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Multi-split systems - air conditioners is one external and multiple (in this case – 5 indoors) connected in parallel (separated pipes)  to the indoor units. Such conditioners enable you to optimize space on the facade, without cluttering up his outdor units. In all areas is the possibility of individual adjustment of microclimate. Multisplit system - is air conditioning for small houses or flats big square, but distance from the outdoor unit to each of the internal do not exceed 9 m (or subtotal lenght not above 45m). Free-match principle of selection indoors units already agree into this serie.


In multi-split systems, several (from 1 to 5) indoor units of various types can be connected to one outdoor unit. You can in one system, based on the requirements and restrictions imposed by the premises, put a wall, cassette. floor-to-ceiling or duct indoor units, making optimal use of the usable space and features of the rooms.

Multi-split systems Idea PRO Series allow you to connect to a single outdoor unit to the indoor unit 5, which reduces the number of outdoor units and allows, thus saving installation space. All indoor units may be controlled separately and is optionally mounted simultaneously (that is convenient for example when the repair in some areas have already been made, and still continues in the other).

Cutting-edge inverter technology DC sine waves and the technology of active power factor correction ensure low noise and economical operation.