Ducted VRF medium pressure (10-100 Pa)

Concealed medium pressure duct units combine the beneficial properties of a conventional air conditioner with the properties of ventilation systems. They allow you to organize the flow of fresh air into the room and are not visible in itnerere since placed in a suspended ceiling or in a separate room.

Through design features a cooling fan, with low air flow rate to maintain the desired static pressure, these units have a low noise level.

Duct air conditioners average effective pressure conditioning of large apartments, houses, offices, trade halls and restaurants.


  • The channel conditioner with an average pressure of 10-100 Pa (depending on model);
  • 4-speed fan;
  • Ability to mix with fresh air;
  • Easy access to the motor unit from the bottom;
  • 2 options grille - with the rear end or the bottom (the flange can be interchanged during assembly);
  • Kanalnik possibly retrofitted drain pump (option) is mounted in a special compartment on the part of the pipe connections;
  • Possibility of group control via the center console;
  • Low-profile casing of the indoor unit with