Compresor DC inverter

DC inverter Compresor
Compresor DC inverter
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Compressor with inverter DC can increase the efficiency of the air conditioner, thus reducing power consumption saves your costs. This system is much more economical and safer than air conditioners with a constant output of the compressor.
Working at full capacity compressor inverter air conditioner quickly sets the desired temperature in the room. Then the output is adjusted depending on the ambient (outdoor) temperature and temperature changes inside the building. Thus, the predetermined temperature is maintained with high accuracy. Compressor when approaching a given temprerature gradually reduces the power and its achievements, continues to operate at minimum speed (power) and if there are no large heat leakage, to save power off after 5 minutes.
Non-inverter air conditioner compressors can not change its performance (frequency of rotation of the rotor revolutions of the engine, and consequently, and power) and work to maintain the desired temperature cycles, with alternating cycles of inclusion - off that can not provide high accuracy and "smooth" temperature control, and also adversely affect the living resources of the compressor.
Modern electronic technology and market development of semiconductor components enabled the control inverter compressor control processors, which form the most "smooth" curves current and power, optimize "Unwrap" the control pulses in such a way as to minimize power consumption and "smooth" transition moments.